Rates and Conditions


  300 250
  350 250
  350 250
  400 300
  500 350
  550 450
  600 500
  700 500
  700 500
  700 550
  850 750
  1000 950
  1000 950
  850 800
  650 500
  500 400
  400 300
  500 350
  350 300


The week starts from 16:30 on Saturday.
The apartment must be returned by 10:00 am the following Saturday.
Upon confirmation, telephone and / or e mail address, must be paid a deposit of 30% (with a minimum of 100 €) of the total amount expected by bank.
On arrival must be paid the total amount. The same must be paid a deposit of 200 €.
The consumption of water and electricity will be charged separately, according to state tariffs.
In San Vito Castelluzzo and the price includes the rent of the house over the use of all appliances (garden, parking etc …).
A Castelluzzo, given the impossibility of knowing in advance whether the block will decide to open the pool, the rent of the house means not including the same. The eventual opening of the pool will be an additional service charge.
There is no bed linen and towels.

On return, after inspection of the apartment and furnishings, the security will be returned after deducting related expenses arising:

  • by consumption described above (water and light)
  • for final cleaning (35 €)
  • from damage caused both to the common areas that the apartment
  • from any failure

In the case in which waives after booking:

  • if the cancellation is notified at least 30 days before the start of the period of stay, will be refunded the entire deposit
  • if the cancellation is made at least fifteen days before the beginning of the period of stay you will be entitled to 50% of the deposit

Waivers made less than fifteen days in advance will not give right to any refund.